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Binary RobotV3

BinaryRobotV3 designed to trade a numeric Index Volatylity contracts at a binary options broker To run the bot you must open Internet Explorer, go to the website of the broker and log in with your username by choosing the trading account (demo or real)….

Download Trading Strategy Tick

Trading strategies trade trick. Strategies for tick trades were monitored for two years . This strategy is based on basic knowledge of a professional trader who uses them in their trading session. First of all this strategy is based on Volatility index 100….


Тик Picker Pro

Tick picker is an application to help traders determine the state of the market. It the software developed for the analysis of market and prices, and then give a signal forecast of the market. Tick picker (TP) in combination between certain strategies in the trade…. 


Predicttor Digit Differs

Application for trading volatility index The duration of the contract should be put on the 5 tick, option, select «different»(meaning that the last decimal will not be the digit You have selected).Bet you choose depending on Your Deposit(it is better to choose a minimum of 1$)….