Digits Even/Odd Bot UDT (New Version)


An amazingly lucrative automatic bot that uses author Patterns to identify an even or odd number.




The bot works on the adjusted Patterns for each Volatility Index.
These Patterns were developed on successful deals on the ticks values of Volatility Indexes
for each direction of deals: Even or Odd, and therefore, can work as a separate direction,
both at the same time in both directions.
The speed of opening new deals depends on the width of the Pattern of each Volatility Index and
therefore the highest speed on the Index100, followed by Index10 and Index25, and the smallest
speed on all other Indexes: 50, 75, Beer, Bull.
In the bot, it is also proposed to select the zero digit, which occurs in the ticks values of the Volatility Indexes,
so you can exclude the digit zero from the Pattern analysis or count the number zero as an even number.
This will affect only on the number of deals.
Due to the large value of the correct Martingale value for each knee, in the bot, it is possible to specify any
values of Martingale’s knee values by manually adjusting these values. You can calculate the optimal value
any Martingale knee and introduce it manually into the Martingale’s range of knees.
In addition to this, there is the possibility to loop Martingale, then when Martingale’s all the prescribed knees are worked out,
from the initial stake starts the next cycle.

Scalping new_Video Even_Odd bot $ 22 for 2 minutes at a stake of $10

Scalping New_Video Even_Odd bot $ 40 for 5 minutes at a stake of $5

New_Video Even_Odd bot $ 21 for 15 minutes at a stake of $1

New_Video Even_Odd bot $ 14 for 30 minutes at a stake of $0.35

New Version

Settings Bot_Digits_EvenOdd:
-Tool selection: Volatility indices (all indices of volatility
The choice of the direction of opening deals on the Patterns of tick values of the Volatility Index:
-Only up for even-patterns(even)
-Only down for odd-patterns(odd)
-And up and down for even-odd-patterns(even&odd)
Choice of the number zero for the analysis of the Patterns of the tick values of the Volatility Index:
-Exclude zero from the Pattern Analysis
-Read zero as an even number to analyze Patterns
The choice of the direction of opening of the next deal after the unprofitable(Loss) deal:
-Only by Patterns
-Without changing direction
-With a change of direction to the opposite
-Combination of directions(-Without changing direction and -With a change of direction to the opposite ) alternately in a cycle for consecutive Loss-making deals

Other parametris:
-Duration of the transaction (in ticks)
-Initial Stake(from 0.35$)
-Selecting the Martingale multiplier
-Selecting the number of Martingale’s knees
-The possibility of changing the value of any Martingale knee in manual mode
-The possibility of looping the Martingale series with the initial stake
-Desired income/ Allowable losses.
-Bot work time, with last profitable deal (from 1 min).
-Date of development new vers: 10.04.2019.