Spot Rise/Fall Bot UDT (New Version)


In this automatic bot, profits are growing right before our eyes,
especially when using the newest original development of the Spot algorithm of the new version…



In Bot, the original profitable algorithm of Analysis and calculation of transaction directions using the Spot algorithm is implemented.
The new version of this algorithm complements the reliability and increases the profitability of deals.

For the new version, optimal impulses for the direction of deals are calculated and used.
In the video of this bot shows deals with Direct optimal impulses (by default).
Later, deals with Inverse optimal pulses were added to the bot, and these deals work with other impulses in the opposite direction.
For completeness, a feature has been added to the bot. Alternately (in case of loss) the use of Direct and Reverse optimal impulses.
Each of these 3 directions of transactions gives a good profit and reliable operation.

Due to the large value of the correct Martingale value for each knee, in the bot, it is possible to specify any
values of Martingale’s knee values by manually adjusting these values. You can calculate the optimal value
any Martingale knee and introduce it manually into the Martingale’s range of knees.
In addition to this, there is the possibility to loop Martingale, then when Martingale’s all the prescribed knees are worked out,
from the initial stake starts the next cycle.

Video Spot UpDown RiseFall bot $ 14 for 15 minutes at a stake of $ 0.35

Scalping Video Spot UpDown RiseFall bot max profit=$ 12 for 5 minutes at a stake of $ 1 (2 videos in 1)

Video Spot UpDown RiseFall bot max profit=$ 114 for 1 minutes at a stake of $ 10 (3 videos in 1) 

Settings Bot_Spot_UpDown_RiseFall:
-Tool selection: Volatility indices (all indices of volatility
Choice impulses for direction of deals:
– Direct optimal impulses
– Reverse optimal impulses
– Alternately (in case of loss) Direct and Reverse optimal impulses

Other parametris:
-Duration of the transaction (in ticks)
-Initial Stake(from 0.35$)
-Selecting the Martingale multiplier
-Selecting the number of Martingale’s knees
-The possibility of changing the value of any Martingale knee in manual mode
-The possibility of looping the Martingale series with the initial stake
-Desired income/ Allowable losses.
-Bot work time, with last profitable deal (from 1 min).
-Date of development: 21.11.2017(new vers 20.10.2018).