This is a bomb!!! We have created an automatic bot that makes profit without using Martingale.
In addition, this bot can be run to work for a long time.



This bot uses author development to launch any deals on the next tick after fulfillment of specified conditions. This is extremely important for work without Martingale.
In some cases, depending on the initial setup of the bot operation, described below, in the bot, it is also possible to use Martingale, whose parameters can be set.
For bot buyers, we give a complete strategy for working with this bot with the ability to work without martingale in hard mode or with the ability to work with martingale in soft
fast mode (number of knees not more than 3).

Video Super_DigitDiffers_Repeat bot Without Martingale $ 40 for 30 minutes at a stake of $100

Video Super_DigitDiffers_Repeat bot  Without Martingale $15 for 60 minutes at a stake of $10

Settings Bot_Super_DigitDiffers_Repeat:
-Tool selection: Volatility indices (all indices of volatility
-The choice of the Last Digit Prediction(from 0 to 9 of tick values of the Volatility Index
-The choice of the Number of repetitions consistently of the Last Digit Prediction to open a deal (from 1 and up)
Other parametris:
-Duration of the transaction (in ticks)
-Initial Stake(from 0.35$)
-Selecting the Martingale multiplier
-Selecting the number of Martingale’s knees
-The possibility of changing the value of any Martingale knee in manual mode
-The possibility of looping the Martingale series with the initial stake
-Desired income/ Allowable losses.
-Bot work time, with last profitable deal (from 1 min).
-Date of development: 23.04.2019.