Minutes Rise/Fall Bot UDT


The developer created a unique Bot_UpDown_RiseFall_Minutes bot with great potential.
Bot_UpDown_RiseFall_Minutes – is intended for trading on candles of Volatility Indexes or Currency Pairs
in automatic mode, for espiration from 1min to 1 hour.



For trading, all Volatility Indices and 22 Currency Pairs can be used.
For the visualization of candles in trade, there is a launch of 2 screens, the left of which is the main one – launches
And shows the deal, and the right screen – serves to visualize the candles.
The user has a large choice not only of Volatility Indexes or Currency pairs, but
and 3 variants of the direction of movement of deals, as well as 3 variants of the technology for working with candles.
In addition, the user is given the opportunity to optimize the launch of deals, to reduce
loss deals, by setting the number of identical color pairs of multi-colored neighboring candles, passed to the deal.
This bot uses a unique author’s algorithm for accurate entry into deals.
A wide range of bot settings allows each trader to choose the most optimal option,
taking into account their needs.


Settings Bot_UpDown_RiseFall_Minutes:
Tool selection: Volatility Indices(all Volatility Indices or Currency pairs(22 pairs).
The choice of Espiration: from 1 minute to 1 hour, taken at
Choice of direction: —> directions of motion of deals:
-Trend – By the color of the last candle, for a bull candle – is up, for a bear candle – is down.
-Flat – By the color opposite the last candle, for a bull candle – is down, for a bear candle – is up.
-Trend-Flat – Alternation: Trend direction -> Flat direction -> The cycle repeats.
Choice of technology for working with candles —> In connection with the delay in opening the deals, taking into account Martingale:
-Opening of deals through one candle, without delay.
-Opening of deals with a delay with a decrease in the time of espiration by the amount of delay.
-Opening of deals without delay with the shift stake of the Martingale rate by one candle forward.
Optimization —> Skip before deal a predetermined number of identical color pairs of multi-colored neighboring candles:
-Specify the number of skipps pairs (maxi=10, 0 – without skip).
For a given Optimization —> Set the direction of work after the first optimization:
-Work before winning and again optimization.
-Work without optimization.
Other parametris:
-Initial Stake(Volatility Indices: from 0.35$, Currency pairs: from 0.5$).
-Martingale multiplier.
-Maximum bet amount for Martingale.
-Desired income/ Allowable losses.
-Bot work time, with last profitable deal (from 5 min).