InOut/StaysInGoesOut Bot UDT


Bot_InOut_EndsInOut is designed for a fully automated trading strategy
Work with 2 barriers “In / Out”.



The method of extraction of the tick data practically excludes errors of pricing during the analysis. This is used for enters in deals.
A large range of barrier values and the ability to change their signs
Gives great opportunities for development and use for this bot
Own trading systems on different Volatility Indices.
Settings Bot_InOut_EndsInOut
Select of direction —> events after the end of the specified duration of the purchase:
-The volatility index Strictly within the range of Input quotes and barriers with their own signs(Ends Between).
-The volatility index Strictly outside the range Input quotes and barriers with their own signs(Ends Outside).
Other parametris:
-Selecting the size and sign of the High barrier.
-Selecting the size and sign of the Low barrier.
-Duration deal (from 2 minutes).
-Number of consecutive ticks up/down.
-Initial Stake(from 0.35$).
-Martingale multiplier.
-Maximum bet amount for Martingale.
-Desired income/ Allowable losses.
-Bot work time, with last profitable deal (from 5 min).