2displ Higher/Lower Bot UDT (New Version).


The developer has created amazingly profitable bot Bot 2displ Higher/Lower that at the right risks gives a significant quick profit.



Bot 2displ Higher/Lower — are designed to trade barriers is higher/lower at the same time on 2 screens in automatic mode. The transaction is triggered when the specified trend Index Volatility execution parameters: the number of ticks in the continuous up / down.

Settings Bot 2displ Higher/Lower:
– Selecting the size of the barrier
– Duration deal (from 5 to 10 ticks)
– Number of consecutive ticks up/down
– Initial Stake(from 0.35$)
– Martingale multiplier
– number of Martingale’s knees
– Desired income/ Allowable losses
– Bot work time, with last profitable deal (from 5 min).
Date of development New Version: 04.07.2020.

Video Bot_2displ_HigherLower(En)_21$ for 30minutes at a stake of $1

Video Bot_2displ_HigherLower(En)_65$ for 15minutes at a stake of $10