2displ Higher/Lower Bot UDT (New Version).


The developer has created amazingly profitable bot Bot 2displ Higher/Lower that at the right risks gives a significant quick profit.



Bot 2displ Higher/Lower — are designed to trade barriers is higher/lower at the same time on 2 screens in semi-automatic mode, that is, one screen is running in automatic mode and another in semi-automatic mode. Manual mode means manual execution of only one command, which are message automatic screen. It reports about the launch of the transaction. The transaction is triggered when the specified trend Index Volatility execution parameters: the number of ticks in the continuous up / down, which is also visually read on the chart of ticks.
Settings Bot 2displ Higher/Lower.
-Selecting the size of the barrier.
-Duration deal (from 5 to 10 ticks).
-Number of consecutive ticks up/down.
-Initial Stake(from 0.35$).
-Martingale multiplier.
-Maximum bet amount for Martingale.
-Desired income/ Allowable losses.
-Bot work time, with last profitable deal (from 5 min).